Monday, 31 March 2014

The Very Peculiar Cow

The Very Peculiar Cow by Enid Blyton is about...

two Children that got a present from their granny.  It felt very peculiar so they tried to guess what it was.  It
was a cow jug to pour milk. Granny showed what it was for she poured milk in to its back and poured it into  their mugs.  The milk came out of it mouth then Granny put it on top of the fireplace.
When everyone had gone to bed a fire started blazing.  The toys woke up and saw the fire.  The cow still had milk inside her.  All the toys were panicking.  The cow poured out her milk onto the fire...

I really liked this book because you never knew what would happen, it would always keep you guessing. It was also very easy to read.  A book that can easily be enjoyed.



  1. I love a book that keeps you guessing!! My eldest daughter loves Enid Blyton :) Thanks for linking up with #ReadWithMe I have tweeted and pinned this post x

  2. I read lots of Enid Blyton as a child but I've never heard of this book.



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